Baron of Burgund


The former county of Burgundy (French: Franche Comté) is located in the east of today’s France on the Swiss border and should not be confused with today’s Bourgogne. This county was a part of Francia since the 6th century. After the death of King Rudolph III in 1033, it became part of the Holy Roman empire.


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    Background information on Burgundy

    The first person to go by “Graf von Burgund” (Count of Burgundy) was Count Otto William of Burgundy-Ivrea. His descendant Beatrice of Burgundy married Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, who then reigned over this region. He declared part of this area a County Palatine. His son Otto later inherited the land from his mother. In 1208, Otto’s daughter Beatrice married Count Otto I of Andechs Merania, who took over Burgundy and was able to extend his family’s influence all the way to France. Burgundy was in the Andechs family’s possession until his son Otto II of Andechs Merania passed away. He was the last remaining survivor of this noble family. The County Palatine was given to his sister Adelheid and because she was married to Hugh of Chalons, the land ended up in the hands of the Chalons family. Their son Otto IV of Burgundy ruled until 1302. After an eventful past, in which the county was part of the Holy Roman Empire and part of France for a while, the French Sun King Louis XIV took it over and it has belonged to France ever since