Consul of Minerva


Follow the footsteps of famous orators and philosophers such as Cicero and Cesar by becoming a Consul of the Order of Minerva.


Partner Certificates


Golden ID Card

A ‘must’ for lords and ladies everywhere. This high-quality ID card is made of gold-colored aluminum and is the size of a business card.


This sticker comes in the contour of the arms and is specially finished so that it is outdoor resistant.

This mouse pad is printed with the coat of arms of the Lords of Kerry.

This key ring, finished to a high quality standard, is printed with the coat of arms of the Lords of Kerry.

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    In ancient Rome, the title of consul was held by the highest Roman state official. He served as an advisor, who represented his country by providing help and advice as well as by being responsible for public relations and the representation of interests. A consul therefore has the role of an ambassador who presents and represents his country – or in this case, his order – in the best way possible by making brave and clever decisions.

    Early on, the ancient goddess Minerva, the central figure of the order, was a tutelary goddess for the common people, the craftsmen and sailors. After she was equated with Athena, she was also considered protectress of the fine arts and scholars. In this sense, she perfectly embodies the dignified stance with which this prestigious title should be held.

    How it works:
    After indicating your name – or the name of the person who will receive this title as a gift – in the appropriate field, you have to select a monastic name. This can either be your actual name or any fictitious name you have invented. This is all it takes for you to become a member in the Order of Minerva! Please keep in mind that your membership in the Order of Minerva does not involve any obligations or fees on your part. There are no recurring membership fees, obligatory meetings or other requirements that you have to meet. You can simply be a member and enjoy your title in peace and quiet. However, please remember that this is not an academic title. Nonetheless, you can use it on business cards and letterheads and can even request to have your monastic name added to your identification papers. You will receive a framed, high-quality certificate of appointment. The bylaws and rules are included in a separate folder. Additionally, you will receive 50 business cards that carry both your monastic name and the crest. Under certain conditions, you can even have the monastic name added to your ID card. We will send you detailed information regarding the best procedure to accomplish this goal.