Lord of Roscommon


Your Lord of Roscommon nobility package includes everything you need to show your new title in a classy way. We will also fashion a beautiful certificate that is going to look fantastic on your living room wall.


Partner Certificates


Golden ID Card

A ‘must’ for lords and ladies everywhere. This high-quality ID card is made of gold-colored aluminum and is the size of a business card.


This sticker comes in the contour of the arms and is specially finished so that it is outdoor resistant.

This mouse pad is printed with the coat of arms of the Lords of Kerry.

This key ring, finished to a high quality standard, is printed with the coat of arms of the Lords of Kerry.

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    By purchasing this title you will also be co-owner of some land located in the green and fertile Irish Midlands, where numerous castles indicate that nobility has always appreciated this region. The Gaelic word for landowner or landlord is “Tirana”, which is exactly what you will be with this title. And because your parcel of land is located near Roscommon, you will be Lord of Roscommon. In addition to the certificate confirming your appointment to Lord of Roscommon as well as your co-ownership of the land, we will also provide you with a digital copy of your crest that will allow you to add a special touch to your personal documents.