What exactly is behind the offer on this site?

First and foremost it is about the fun you will have on your new nobility title. Please consider this always in the foreground, because if you are looking for a “real” nobility title, which is entered into your personal ID in the form “Count YOURNAME of…”, you are unfortunately wrong here. It is not only here that you will be able to fulfill this desire in the world, since the nobility has been abolished in Germany since the Weimar Constitution, and all the nobility titles have been converted into bourgeois names. From “Count Otto von Schlosshausen” became “Otto Count von Schlosshausen”. This can be good or bad (we personally find it rather a pity), but so is now the law. Still, we have some Aristocratic titles nowadys and even some titles of nobility are for sale.

No matter, I let myself adopt!

Well, in addition to the fact that such offers are both illegal and on the other hand for not less than 20,000 euros to be had, this procedure is also quite uncertain. If you have found someone who has a former noble name and is ready to adopt you, you must once again convince the family court that you are not adopted to have a great name and it must not be so, That you have paid for the adoption money. In both cases, the family court rejects your desire for adoption and you have spent your nice money on nothing.

But I would like to be a count or a lord!

Fortunately, there is the right to free choice in Germany, which is anchored in the Civil Code, but fortunately there is the possibility for everyone to get an artist name, and fortunately you have found us. Through all these fortunate circumstances, you now have the opportunity to acquire a sound name. We offer you various national and international nobility titles and would like to explain in the following section why we can offer these titles and why you are entitled to do them officially, whether on business cards, on stationery or on your front door sign And wherever you like.

The Irish and Scottish nobility

Did you ever wondered about “how to become a lord by buying land”? Both in Ireland and in Scotland, there is a special feature that in some areas a noble title is associated with possession of a piece of land. Therefore, we do not sell just a sheet of paper with a sound name, but also a bit of land , Which is associated with this name.

In some areas of Scotland the owner of a property may call “Laird”. In German this means “landlord”. In some of these areas in the Highlands, namely, in Glencairn on the east coast, in John O’Groates in the north, and in Kincavel in the north, we have purchased such land, which we are now called “Laird” or “Lady” for the Ladies can resell to you.

The similarity of “Laird” with the English word “Lord” is no accident, but the meaning is not quite the same. In England “Lord” is the address for a British aristocrat, while the Scottish Laird is an honorary title for a landowner.

A coincidence brought us to the Irish nobility. After a long drive we entered an Irish pub and, as usual in Ireland, came to a nice conversation with one of the Irishmen present. It turned out, that this close to the pub had quite a lot of land. Since we wanted to take home a really unusual souvenir with us, we asked him if he would sell us a small piece of his country. What could be a nicer souvenir from the green island than a piece of the green island? He found this idea so great that we could call the same evening a few square meters of land our own. The innkeeper of the pub had watched the whole trade, and now, laughing, admitted that we were now real Irish landlords and had acquired an Irish nobility. When we looked at him in astonishment, he explained that in Gaelic, the ancient language of Ireland, the word “Tirana” stood at the same time for “landowner” and “Lord”. A “Tirana”, however, we had become with our land purchase.

We were so proud of our new dignity, that we from now on in all hotels only checked in as “Lord of Kerry”. The idea was also applauded by other Irish people, so we were able to buy more small land at Roscommon and Strandhill.

And what do I get from this story?

We did not want to keep this great idea for ourselves, but also give others the opportunity to come to a nobility title in such a simple way. Of course you could go to Ireland or Scotland and buy a property there. But you do not have to. Because we offer you to share our real estate with you. By selling you parts of our land, we also give you the opportunity to call yourself Lord or Lady of Kerry, Roscommon or Strandhill, or to pass on this noble title as a scurilla gift idea.

What can I do with such a noble title?

As mentioned in the introduction, it is primarily a symbolic title, in which you or the person to whom you give the title can have a lot of fun. Just impress your fellow men a little by placing the appointment certificate in your living room or office. Surround yourself with noble insignia such as an extra-printed coffee mug or pillow. Enjoy it to guide your new nobility title as a name addition on your business cards and letterheads, and note how respectfully you are treated as Lord of Kerry suddenly in the hotel

Now I really want to buy a nobility title!
Now you know what is going on with the Scottish Laird and the Irish Lord. If you have decided to become a lord or a lady, or know someone who would be enthusiastic about this gift idea, then you are right here. Click on the appropriate categories on the left and look for the title of the nobility best suited to you. Then proceed as in any other online shop: You place your title in the shopping cart and order it. You find this unusual? Right! With us you will always find something more special gift ideas.

How can I carry and use the nobility titles offered here?

You can carry all our titles as follows:

 Your first and last name
 Count of Falkenstein (or Lord, Lady, etc.)

Add the title in this form to business cards, on letterheads or to reserve a table in the restaurant or a room in the hotel

Wearing our titles is legally flawless, but they are not an integral part of your name from birth, so the nobility titles can not be worn in any other form. Nobility or nobility titles were dissolved in Germany in 1919 under the terms of Article 109 of the Weimar Constitution, and since then only the name of the title. Count Michael von Xtenberg became Mr. Michael Graf von Xtenberg

Our titles can be given in addition to the family name, we recommend this even if you want to enter your nobility title in the Ausweis. If you appear in certain areas of life and the assumed name has a similar function in these areas as your name, which can be named under public law, it is possible to list this title as an additional entry in the BPA

Title in ID?

Is it possible to register the nobility titles offered here in the ID card?

It is generally not possible to include a listing of the nobility – also genuine foreign – in any personal papers. In 1919 the nobility in Germany was completely abolished by the Weimar constitution. All Germans are considered as citizens only. But there is another possibility.

You can use your new name add count from … “or” Lord of … “as you would like and where you would like to. You may not be able to read an entry as a real nobility title, but if you want to read your new title, There is the entry “religious or artistic name”

In addition to the family name (on the supplementary form, see Appendix 2 to the Meldescheinverordnung), the name of the creator and the artist can be indicated in the case of the creditor reporting that he or she appears under this name in certain areas of life and that the assumed name in A function similar to the surname.

If you want to officially register your artist name in the passport, you have to provide proof of the fact that under this name a) national or at least supregregional and b) have been known for some time. It is often helpful if you can provide proof of an artist’s agency or an association that you are run under the artist name. Also, the confirmation that the respective name as a domain on the Internet leads, can be an advantage.

Which documents are strictly required varies from one authority to another. On the one hand, there are people who have been authorized to register with a single proof and others who have had to submit a lot of material to prove their activity accordingly. In any case, it is advisable to order the collected material (certificates, periodicals, advertising announcements, program books, proof of domain owners, etc.) and submit them to the authorities in accordance with the instructions. In most cases, the responsible officer or department manager then checks the material – and if everything is in order, the registration is approved and the passport / ID card has been changed or reissued (for the accrued fees you have to pay for yourself).

Still some important information

At this point, however, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the nobility of the nobility offered here are not real nobility titles in the sense of the word. If you want to acquire a “real” nobility title, you will only have to investigate whether or not your family is not a real aristocracy, in addition to dubious marriage or adoption agents. As a rule, however, this is rather hopeless. If you decide to adopt a “real” title by adoption or marriage, you should consider some things: for the adoption of money, you will be asked to pay, under 10 years of experience, with no less than 20,000 euros. However, the adoption of money, ie the purchase of the adoption, is illegal in Germany and thus illegal. Moreover, even if you have found and paid someone to be adopted, unfortunately, it is still far from certain whether the family court will approve this adoption. In the worst case, your money is gone.

So if you are looking for a “real” nobility title, we will unfortunately tell you that you are wrong.

You can free our nobility titles as artists’ names, but there is the right in the BGB to the free choice of name. The legal basis for all our noble titles is the possession of land, and in the foreground it is supposed that the possession of a nobility from Ireland, Scotland, England or even from the seabed is simply fun.
And this is also briefly summarized in one sentence: our offer is to be seen as a special gift idea, which is fun for you and your friends